Movie Tally 2011: 7/01 – 7/31

Not like you give a shit, but the ego was demanding that I acknowledge this meaningless milestone in some way, so here I go, burying it in the monthly entry I don’t bother linking on The Twitter or The Facebook: 

Went through the fiery ritual of Carousel during the early part of July, and thankfully I did not spend it like I did most of my birthdays (trying to will myself dead to make the pain go away). Instead I spent it rather blissfully; it was a weekend of 3 movies that happen to be on my personal list of Movies I Think Are The Bee’s Knees And The Cat’s Pajamas, starting with Free Enterprise on DVD and ending with Lifeforce in 70-muthafuckin-millimeter — and in between was a midnight showing of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, made even more awesome by my friends joining me for it. 

That birthday night, as I sped down the freeway towards Pasadena to meet up with said friends for a pre-movie round of drinks, I turned on the ol’ Sirius XM and the song “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo came on. I was briefly shaken by this, taking it as some kind of terrible omen, until I realized that this song is always playing on any given radio station every day, which would make it a terrible omen on everyone’s birthday — in other words, it’s not an omen at all. Well, not unless you consider the fact that eventually we will all die, which in that case, good work Danny Elfman, you’re like goddamn Nostradamus in this bitch, a Nostradamus who gets to fuck Bridget Fonda. Anyway, I came out of Carousel renewed and feeling oddly optimistic for a little while, and that was nice. 

188. POLTERGEIST – 7/02/11 – DVD (re-see)
189. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON 3D – 7/04/11 – Theater
190. FREE ENTERPRISE (extended cut) – 7/08/11 – DVD (re-see)
191. KISS KISS BANG BANG – 7/08/11 – Theater/Regency Academy 6 (re-see)
192. LIFEFORCE (70mm U.S. cut) – 7/09/11 – Theater/Egyptian (re-see)
193. FLATLINERS (70mm) – 7/09/11 – Theater/Egyptian
194. THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS – 7/21/11 – Netflix Instant (re-see)
196. NIGHT MOVES – 7/22/11 – Netflix Instant (re-see)

July 2011 figures:

5   theater
0   drive-in
2   DVD
0   DVR/TV
0   Blu-ray
2   Netflix Instant Streaming
0   VHS
0   Other

3   new
6   re-see

9  viewings total for July 2011

Year to date: 196 movies


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