Movie tally: 2/01 – 2/17

As you can see below, it’s been rather slim pickings in the movie-watching department. Who am I bullshitting, I’ve just been too fuckin’ tired. I’ll get into why I’m so fuckin’ tired in a future rambling, but hopefully I’ll get the energy to watch more movies and hell, maybe even post a rambling or two. Shit, I was supposed to write about From Paris with Love and The Wolfman, and maybe I will, but godDAMN I’m fuckin’ tired. Plus there’s the new Scorsese joint hitting the screens this Friday, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Anyway, here is practically the whole month of February so far:

35. THE BLIND SIDE – 2/03/10 – DVD
36. THE HURT LOCKER – 2/04/10 – DVD (re-see)
37. STARGATE – 2/06/10 – Theater/Academy 6 (re-see)
38. THE RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS – 2/06/10 – DVD (re-see)
39. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE – 2/07/10 – Theater
40. JURASSIC PARK – 2/13/10 – Theater/Academy 6 (re-see)
41. THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE – 2/15/10 – DVR (re-see)


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