Movie tally: 1/10 – 1/19

10. WATCHMEN: ULTIMATE CUT – 1/10/10 – DVD (re-see)
11. CRIMEWAVE – 1/13/10 – DVD (re-see)
12. THE BOOK OF ELI – 1/15/10 – Theater
14. THE DAY OF THE LOCUST – 1/17/10 – DVD (re-see)
15. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (’09) – 1/18/10 – DVD
17. WHIP IT – 1/19/10 – DVD

Non-movie ramblings follow, if you’re interested.

So I went ahead and joined my ex-con friend at 24 Hour Fitness for my free 7-day pass (as mentioned in my Leap Year blog), and it went amazingly well. I nearly had a heart attack on my first day, but after that I was surprised by how much I ended up doing. Should the salad days ever return, I’d consider getting a membership at one of these places, just not this one. A big reason would have to do with the manager, who had held onto my pass one day so I could have no choice but to see him in his office. He was talking to another potential sucker and I told him I’d be back tomorrow if he wanted to try selling me something then, but he said he’d only be a minute. Eight minutes later, the following conversation took place:

MANAGER: (after typing my name and address on his computer) So what do you hope to achieve at the end of the seven days?

ME: Nothing really. I just want to be a good friend.

MANAGER: Excuse me?

ME: My friend gave me the pass and I’m just here to give my friend some company.

MANAGER: Ah, well —

ME: Just so you know, I’m currently unemployed, I don’t collect
unemployment and I’m living off what little of my savings I have.

MANAGER: Uh, you —

ME: Also, I’ve been selling old DVD’s and CD’s and doing a lot of recycling.

MANAGER: But have —

ME: And time to time, the folks will kick in a little something.

MANAGER: (brief pause) Hmm. Well, where would you put fitness in your list of goals?

ME: I’d put it dead last. My main goal right now is to find a job.

MANAGER: Ah, but you see, I would flip those goals around. I’d put getting into shape first and foremost. Don’t you want to look good and fit for your job interviews?

ME: It didn’t matter before, why should it matter now? I mean, I’m not looking for work as a personal trainer.

MANAGER: But don’t you wish to be in good health?

ME: Quite the contrary. At this stage of my life, I’ve been wishing for death.

MANAGER: (long awkward pause)

ME: Relax, man. It’s a dark joke.

MANAGER: I don’t like dark jokes.

ME: Yeah well, I don’t like trying to be sold on something.

MANAGER: See, you said that before. Why do you think I would try to sell you something?

It pretty much ended around here. I lied to him and told him I’d come here when I have work and money again, we shook hands while secretly wishing pain on the other and that’s it until next time.


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